Hurricane Supplies Stuck in Thomasville

Truckloads of water and ice that had been destined for Gulf Coast residents are now just sitting in Thomasville awaiting orders.

The truck drivers say they're under contract with FEMA, but have no idea where to take the supplies now.

The truck drivers say they were dispatched last week to the Gulf Coast region, but were rerouted to Thomasville this weekend.

With no orders, these drivers say they can only sit and wait.

Michael Brodio is one of many truck drivers with a load of supplies rerouted from the storm ravaged Gulf Coast to Thomasville.

Michael says, "It's an industry thing, hurry up and wait kind of thing, I'm used to it."

And so are many other drivers. Packed with ice and water, the trucks are parked at Thomas County Central's football stadium, the BP truck stop and an abandoned strip mall.

Some say they've been in the Rose City for days, and the down time doesn't sit well with some drivers, who say they see the devastation on TV and want to help.

David Taylor, a truck driver, says, "When you got 50 trucks of water and we've been sitting for two days, no, I don't understand."

Taylor's boss says his company is contracted by FEMA to transport the supplies. His boss says the truck drivers are being paid $40 an hour and up to $400 a day to sit and wait for orders.

Taylor adds, "There are poor people that don't yet have water. There are poor people that don't yet have food. There are poor people yet that don't have houses. I think somebody's got their head on their shoulders wrong."

And with no marching orders, the waiting game continues for these truck drivers and their supplies.

FEMA says the trucks in Thomasville are now staged in the Rose City in case Hurricane Ophelia makes any impact on the east coast.

We'll let you know when they get their marching orders.