Repeat Sex Offender Arrested

The man is a registered sex offender who has spent time in prison for trying to rape a woman and has a history of loitering and prowling that dates back 15 years.

A couple who lives at the Palmetto Apartments noticed a gray van in the parking lot and a man peering into windows. They called 911.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "He was actually kneeling down looking into an apartment where people live and was watching them do their business as they got ready for work, and all this occurred as the deputy was walking around the corner and actually caught him doing that."

Forty-nine-year-old Dewitt Nelson was arrested as he tried to scale a back fence. He is now accused of loitering and prowling, voyeurism and more. It's upsetting to apartment manager Lisa Ray who had noticed a strange trend at the complex lately.

Lisa says, "For a couple months the screens had been out of the windows, I'm thinking it was just the tenants, you know, when they let up the windows they just fell out, but it could have been that guy."

Court records show Nelson has been arrested for loitering and prowling in Tallahassee three other times and he spent time in prison for trying to rape a woman in 1994.

In a complex that residents tell us is full of single mothers and children, the “what ifs” are especially disturbing.

Lisa adds, "It was just disturbing to me to know that was happening out here and no one knew."

Deputies are still checking to see if Nelson is properly registered as a sex offender in Leon County. Other charges are pending.