Secretary Leavitt Stops in Tallahassee

An important tour bus makes a stop in Tallahassee Wednesday afternoon. On board was U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt.

He stopped in the capital city to discuss Medicare prescription drug coverage. Secretary Leavitt is proud to announce beginning this January everyone with Medicare will have access to prescription drug coverage.

Mike Leavitt says, "I think this might be among the most important events in heath care in the last 40 years. It represents a significant change in the way we think about health care."

Gov. Jeb Bush adds, "I want to make sure it's implemented in the right way, that it continues on as a benefit that future senior citizens in our state will be able to benefit as well."

Also showing his support was Tallahassee Mayor John Marks. Secretary Leavitt assured audience members that this new plan is for everyone. The final enrollment day is May 15.