Watchdog Group Discusses Chief Justice Nominee

Tuesday night, local members of the liberal advocacy group "People for the American Way" with a town hall meeting to express how they feel the confirmation could impact our lives.

Panelists hoping to educate citizens of all ages and political backgrounds on the importance of the chief justice nomination as well as the future nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor's replacement.

The reviews of John Roberts at Tuesday’s meeting were mixed. While some were not vocal about their politics, others were very vocal.

"My main concern is for women. I'm one of those lucky people who’s always known my mission in life. It's the empowerment of women, minorities and people who feel they have no power."

"I think that it's important that we are more educated about the issues. People go and vote for a reason and stand by a certain reason because everyone else is supporting it. But they need to know why they are supposed to support or if they are not."

Tuesday's panelists say the meeting was simply about becoming educated on the issues.