The Media and Your Children

Parents and their children are switching roles at Garrison-Pilcher Elementary. The parents will be the students as they learn how to use TV, movies, music, and computers to broaden their kids’ horizons.

"I want them to understand that these are great resources for children to have and that it can be a great learning experience for them."

One of Nix's goals is to dispel the myth that all media is negative for kids. She says parents just need to monitor and know what their kids are watching.

A school psychologist we spoke with says it's not all bad. Certain educational videos and programs can play a beneficial role.

"I think if it's used wisely and as part of the curriculum that it's a great thing and children really enjoy it. They get a lot out of it, getting to see something visual. We have a lot of visual learners."

Through research, Sherri Nix found that media can be positive, helping to spark creativity, interest in different subjects, and bring families closer together.