New West Gadsden High School

The sounds of hammers pounding on nails piercing through mounds of plywood will be heard loud and clear on the west end of Gadsden County.

The school board will be constructing a brand new school to house some 600 students. Gadsden County's superintendent, Reginald James, is excited about the construction of a brand new school in the western part of the county.

The school board purchased the sprawling 62 and half acre site to build West Gadsden High School, a move he says will help mend relations among students who attend the current facility.

Reginald James says, "I think it helps bring the community together in a school that was formerly Greensboro. Now they'll have their own school, their own identity. I think it will help bridge the gap between both of those communities."

The Chattahoochee and Greensboro communities will not have to bus their children far from the current site because the new school is slated to be built right across the street.

The projected cost for the brand new facility is $20 million. The superintendent says the new school will be a smaller version of East Gadsden High School, but students will have to wait two more years before they can walk the halls of the newly built facility.

Construction is slated for May of 2006 and should be completed the following year. The old high school will then become the elementary school.