Robert's Confirmation Hearings

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The seemingly unflappable John Roberts was, once again, just that.

More questions about his personal views and more careful answers.

Senators on the committee were given 20-minutes to question the judge. He was asked about his stance on affirmative action, the right to die and voting rights.

On most all topics he steered clear of specifics.

Michael Weber, CBS News, said, "Most legal experts have said that unless something catastrophic happens, the confirmation of John Roberts is likely. In fact, at the start of this morning's session, many of the senators weren't even present."

But there was plenty of frustration from some democrats.

Sen. Joseph Biden, (D) Delaware, said, "You've told me nothing, Judge. It's this kabuki dance we do in these hearings, if the public doesn't have the right to know how you feel about fundamental issues."

The senator leading the hearing, Arlen Specter, hopes his committee will have a new chief justice in place, when the high court convenes Oct. Washington.