Woman Shows Great Determination in Pursuing Her Dreams

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Angela Gibson says it took her a long time to go back to school, but when she decided to pursue a college degree, Gibson was determined to finish and she wasn't going to let a brain aneurysm get in the way.

Angela says, "I had the faith to believe that Jesus was going to bring me out of it and I was coming back to school, because I was embracing a dream that I wanted to be successful. I wanted to do something else with my life other than a sewing factory."

Gibson underwent surgery at Emory University in Atlanta and was back in the classroom a month later.

Gail Roberts, Director of Library and Media, says, "She called and said I'm coming back, and she was ready just as she promised. She didn't miss a beat."

Gibson's story inspired one student on the brink of quitting to continue studying.

Cynthia Williams, a student at SWGTC, says, "I determined in my heart that I was gonna complete my goals if she could complete her goals after all she's been through, so she's definitely been an inspiration to me."

Angela adds, "So I'm still here today and I can tell anyone who feels like they cannot do anything, you can do all things."

Angela Gibson is a survivor. She says if she can go back to school after brain surgery there are no excuses, anyone can accomplish any goal, you just need a little faith.

Angela Gibson says she's currently writing a book about her experiences.