Teen Report: Tallahassee Pledge Coalition

There's a new organization making an impact in Tallahassee. The group is called "Tallahassee Pledge Coalition" and members say they're dedicated to fight alcohol use among teenagers.

Patricia Juszczyk, a member, says, "I don't think that it's too bad, but I definitely think that there are issues."

Rachel Oliver adds, "The Pledge Coalition is a organization that was brought out of the Office of Drug Control. We have been in existence for approximately a year and we plan to be in existence for as long as our community needs us."

Even though the Tallahassee Pledge Coalition has been around for a short period of time, Rachel Oliver says the organization has already accomplished a lot.

Rachel says, "We go out into the community to find ways to come at the issue whether it be compliance checks or DUI sobriety checks."

Many students are joining the Pledge Coalition because just like Patricia they want to have a voice.

Patricia says, "I cannot talk from another persons’ views and another person can’t talk from my views, so if you get everybody different like different views on things you, just get a better aspect."

Some people may want to deny underage drinking, but at the Tallahassee Pledge Coalition they address it head on by admitting it's a real issue and want to stop it.

If you would like to learn more about the Tallahassee Pledge Coalition, call 850-847-0066.