Live Oak Resident Receives Royal Letter

April Pinkard of Live Oak wrote a letter of support to Prince William and Prince Harry of Great Britain. Pinkard says she could not believe her eyes when she opened the letter bearing the royal seal.

Pinkard says while watching the aftermath of the terror attacks on the London trains, she felt as though she had to do something.

That something was writing Prince William and Prince Harry to express her concern. Pinkard says only two weeks after her letter she received a thank you letter from Buckingham Palace stating the royal highnesses gratitude for her support.

April Pinkard says, "Told them that I was very sorry for what had happened and angry that these men had been, yet allowed to do this again; and very disappointed that we weren't able to catch them."

The royal letter stated that Prince William and Prince Harry were both touched by Pinkard's words, also including regards to her husband and four children.

Pinkard is originally from New York, so as you can imagine the 9/11 terror attacks hit especially hard. She says she just wanted them to know that she shared London's pain.

In her three-page letter, she told them how sorry she was for everything that happened and that she has confidence that terrorists won't win. She also threw in a little dinner invite to the princes.