Local Woman Gets Royal Response

April Pinkard says when her health problems get her down, her husband likes to remind her of fond memories such as when she met Dukes of Hazard star Sonny Shroyer. Now, she says she has a new moment to brag about.

April says, "It was like fire. I dropped it. I called my husband at work and said you're never going to believe this. I was really happy."

It was a letter from Buckingham Palace reading: "Your royal highnesses were deeply touched by your kind words of support following the recent terror atrocities in London and they thank you for your generous comments."

Pinkard had written a letter to Prince William and Prince Garry of Great Britain to express her support after those terror attacks in London.

April says, "I was very upset by it because of everything that had happened with September 11th. I knew that they must be devastated as we were. I had family who was directly involved; my family is in New York."

Pinkard says putting her outrage and concerns into words was the first thing that came to mind.

David Pinkard, April's husband, says, "That's just the way she is. She's one of those people who voices her opinion. She always has, and I'm proud of her."

The royal letter also gave regards to her family, something Pinkard says she'll never forget.