Ophelia Washes Ashore

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Ophelia left her mark on the Carolina coast. Damage is not considered major like it was in the Gulf from Katrina, but parts of homes and businesses are in tatters, tens of thousands are without electricity and more than a few folks are shaken.

Alicia Forbes, an Atlantic Beach resident, says, "It was the first hurricane I ever stayed in and it was awful.”

The winds from the strong category one hurricane wrought havoc over much of Atlantic Beach and they were certainly no friend to Mike Fereni's marina.

Mike Ferini, a business owner, says, "Well, you know we got a building in the back that collapsed. We got another beside it that has collapsed. The stocks from the back are pretty much washed away.”

The storm surge got to Vernon Tuthrie's Crab Shack Restaurant. The insides are gone, but he says we'll be open for business next beach season.

Ophelia's winds really weren’t the major concern down here. It was her rain, and there was a lot of it, and that rain caused quite a bit of flooding. In some places there are at least two feet of standing water.

Mike Easley, North Carolina Governor, says, "There is significant flooding on most major highways, several roads are closed. Some people though were lucky.”

Harry and May House came back to look at their house for the first time since evacuating.

May House says, “It looks good. I can’t tell what is on the side and what is on the back.”

For the Houses, everything turned out fine. For others, not so good. Still, people along the Carolina coast all agree they are relieved Ophelia was no Katrina.