Help Keeps Coming for Hurricane Evacuees in Our Area

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Employees at the Destiny Industries Company in Moultrie are used to building homes, but soon these folks will put their talents to work to create new homes for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Donnie Edwards, President, says, "We're in the process of ramping up to build 500 units for FEMA, which will be located to the Biloxi and Louisiana areas, and we're just very privileged and obligated and honored to fulfill this contract."

The company has little more than two months to crank out 500 quality homes, so more employees have been hired, including 12 people displaced from their homes along the Gulf Coast. For those workers, this project has a special meaning.

Clifford Austin, an evacuee and home builder, says, "Building the homes for FEMA would be the greatest things I could do as far as helping my homeboys and my friends back home. Helping my relatives and my children. It was one of the scariest times during the hurricane, but this has been one of the biggest blessings of my whole life."

The $13 million-plus contract is good news for all these workers, but these craftsmen say they are glad to help house those in need.

Richard Ansley, a worker, says, "I believe it will help them out a lot, give them somewhere to live, shelter over their heads."

It’s shelter for those still trying to survive along the Gulf Coast, and of course, new jobs for at least a dozen hurricane evacuees who've moved into our area.

Crews have only until December 1 to complete their work on the 500 homes. That may not be the end of the project though if FEMA still needs more housing in the coming months.