DCF Reconsidering Controversial Plan

DCF quickly changed its policy when Governor Jeb Bush found out about it. Rilya Wilson became the poster child for failings at Florida’s Department of Children And Family Services three years ago.

Not even DCF knew how long the child was missing since her caseworker admitted failing to visit her for at least 15 months. Yet, last week, the agency sent a memo saying caseworkers could suspend visits to foster care kids for 90 days to conserve gas. Governor Jeb Bush found out about the decision too late to keep it out of the newspaper.

Despite numerous requests for a comment on why DCF would make a decision like this, we were told no one was available for an on camera interview. After our visit to DCF, a spokesperson did call back and told us the decision was clearly not well thought through and was open to interpretation.

The former caregiver of Rilya Wilson is now facing murder charges. The child has never been found. The agency is required to visit 50,000 kids in foster care each month. A spokesperson says those visits are now back on.

Late Thursday afternoon, DCF sent an Email, apologizing for the confusion over its conservation decision.