Teen Report: College Students Displaced by Katrina

Regina Green was going to school in New Orleans but now after Hurricane Katrina, she's transferred to Florida A&M.

"I was happy to be on dry land. I wanted to get back in school this semester I'm a bio pre-med major but whatever school was going to accept me that's the school I was going to go to."

After surviving this tragedy and transferring schools, Regina got some more good news.

"I thought I would have to pay another full tuition but what happened was there assistant students who were in New Orleans in this semester is going to transfer financial aide over if we continue to go to school here."

Regina is one of the many students who have come to FAMU to continue their education.

"Well we want to do our parts in helping these students who have lost so much so what we have developed is a one stop center for students who come from Louisiana and Alabama and the affected area can come to FAMU we help them with admissions."

As she’s trying to get back on track to get her degree, Regina is still adjusting to this huge change in her life.

"It’s been a traumatic experience for most of us."

Despite everything Regina says she will finish in Tallahassee what she started in New Orleans.