Quincy City Manager in Hot Water

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Earl Banks has been working for the City of Quincy for the past 20 years, five of those years as city manager, but some commissioners are hoping this year will be his last.

City Commissioner Derrick Elias called for Banks' resignation, citing a late and questionable audit.

Derrick Elias says, "The 04/05 calendar we've had several questions regarding our finances. Things are not falling into place. There seems to be some management issues. It's time to change the management."

But Banks says he's been working diligently on last year's audit and will have the books balanced by mid-October, and he says he will not submit his resignation.

Earl Banks says, "I don't think the audit being a few days late is enough to ask the city manager, whose done quite a bit for a city, that under his leadership, done many accomplishments that has happened here."

Banks says his accomplishments range from balancing the budget on a yearly basis to working with his staff to make the city a premiere place to live, but despite that, Elias says Banks may not be the person to take the city to the next level.

Elias says, "You have to make some changes, it goes back to that age-old saying of insanity: 'if you continue to do the things the same way, you won't get different results if you were going to change some things.’ "

The change for a new manager will come before the commission at its next meeting. Banks estimates the audit will be ready by October 14.