Arrest Made in Thomasville Rape

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Thomasville police say 35-year-old Darrick McMillian is in custody, facing a felony rape charge after assaulting a woman who police say originally stopped to ask him for a favor.

Police say as the woman walked along Remington Avenue early Thursday morning, the victim asked McMillian if she could use his phone. They say McMillian asked the woman to follow him to his house, but they never made it there.

Police say McMillian forced the victim into an area behind Thomasville High School and raped her.

Thomasville Police spokesperson Rachelle Denmark says, "During interviews with the victim, and there were some witnesses also, and the physical evidence that was left on the scene, we were able to pinpoint Derrick McMillian's the suspect, and he was arrested and charged with rape."

Police say the victim has been treated and released from the ER at Archbold Hospital. Her attacker is behind bars at the Thomas County Jail.

Thomasville police investigators cracked this case very fast. The assault happened just before 1 a.m. Thursday morning, and McMillian was in custody by lunchtime.

Thomasville police say McMillian does live in the Remington Avenue area, not far from where the rape happened.