Teen Report: Student Hurricane Relief Volunteers

In times of urgency, even small things have big meaning to those who are in need. Such is seen through the efforts of local students helping out those who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.

Camille Lewis, a Lincoln High School junior, says, "We made little containers to carry around school, gave it to all our members and we just went around collecting money."

Camille Lewis is an officer of the Future Business Leaders of America at Lincoln High School. The club donated all profits of their fundraiser to the Red Cross.

Senior Katie Gatlin showed her concern by volunteering her time at the Red Cross.

Katie says, "I think teens today, this generation, needs to help out more because we are not necessarily portrayed the best and to show that we actually do care."

Camille Lewis adds, "We felt the need to raise money because the people in New Orleans are in need and we wanted to help out in anyway possible."

Despite bleak circumstances, coming together in relief teaches lessons to us all.

Katie says, "It made me feel good to know that I'd helped them in the best way that I could."

These are just two of many teen volunteers who have helped out with hurricane relief. Lincoln's club FBLA raised around $500, all of which went to the Red Cross.