Swifty Stars Responds to Price Gouging Claims

A Tallahassee gas station accused of price gouging in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is fighting back.

Earlier this month Florida's attorney general filed charges against the Swifty Stars store on Capital Circle.

The AG contends the station raised its prices 60 to 80 cents a gallon the week after Katrina struck. Swifty Stars responded to those claims saying it never broke the law and wants the charges dropped.

Joe Weeks, Swifty Stars’ attorney, says, "The prices on the pumps were high. These were estimates on behalf of my people. They were estimating what it was going to cost. They bought their gasoline from ware oil in Bainbridge and they were estimating, but they didn't sell it and when they got the gasoline and got the invoices, they adjusted their prices."

Swifty Stars faces fines of up to $25,000 if it's found guilty of price gouging and deceptive trade practices. The case is now pending in circuit court.