Evacuee Students Must Pass FCAT

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Hurricane Katrina is forcing Courtnee Eddington of New Orleans to spend her senior year in Florida. She says taking the FCAT is the last thing she and other hurricane-displaced students want to deal with, especially those who already passed Louisiana’s version.

Out-of-state students who maintain a 2.0 GPA and pass a college entrance exam don’t have to take the FCAT. If they have not taken the SAT or the ACT, they will have to take the FCAT to get a diploma.

The policy angers FCAT critic Gloria Pipkin with the Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform. She says requiring kids from other states who’ve lost homes, and even family members, to take the test is just wrong.

“We should, just on a humanitarian basis, just immediately grant some sort of amnesty to all those students who come in.”

But for many, the FCAT will just be one more challenge in an already difficult year.