Subdivision Flap Turns Into Legal Battle

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Some questionable work at a local subdivision has residents, county commissioners and a developer coming to the table to figure out what went wrong, and how to fix it.

Residents of the Deer Ridge subdivision off of Highway 27 in Gadsden County say sewage issues are just the start of their problems.

While planting a garden, one resident says he found packs of leftover shingles, underground.

All sides on the issue met before County Commissioners Monday, everyone with their lawyers.

What started as a public hearing, became a legal battle.

"We wouldn't have had to come this far if all the people had done what they were supposed to do from the beginning, both the builder and the county," says resident Brian Smith.

When asked by a member of the press what's taking so long, Deer Ridge developer Dan McClellan replies, "lots of reasons."

McClellan says the problems will be resolved soon.

Meanwhile, Deer Ridge residents are growing weary.

Tawnja Bethea, a Deer Ridge resident, says, "The foundation is crumbling, and I've only been in the house for two and a half months. Sewage is not flowing right, and it has a tendency to back up."

Johanna Thackeray, another Deer Ridge resident adds, "The community is intact. You have all realms of people, and we want the builder to do what is right and fix the issues."

Most of the residents don't plan to move, but plan to fight the good fight until they get what they want.

Over the next few days attorneys for the county, the developer and the homeowners association will attempt to reach a settlement.

Gadsden County Manager Marlon Brown says next Tuesday he hopes to announce the outcome of the settlement talks.