Who was Rachel Hoffman?

Reported by Tara Herrschaft:

It was a somber sight tonight, Friday May 9th, as friends of Rachel Hoffman got together to remember the life of a friend they say will never be forgotten. Hoffman graduated from Florida State University in August 2007. The vibrant 23 year-old woman from Clearwater Beach is described by her friends as an amazing person with a bright smile, who never judged anyone.

They say among many things Hoffman loved to cook, travel, and loved music festivals. "Rachel was a really outgoing, adventurous, open-minded woman that you know wanted to see the world and really wanted to experience what the world had to offer," said Paul Levine, Rachel Hoffman's friend. "She loved to cook and she loved to please, she loved making other people happy by cooking for them. She was an amazing cook...all the time," said JB Lawrence, Rachel Hoffman's friend.

Friends say her future was bright. They say she had a lot of potential and much to offer the world. Hoffman was planning on going to Phoenix, Arizona to attend culinary school. Many of her friends are in shock and wouldn't comment on camera...but say she was a giving person who was involved in thecommunity.


Reported by Shonda Knight:
We're learning more about Rachel Hoffman as news of her death spreads. Friends of Hoffman have been posting messages on the networking website Facebook all morning, wishing for her safe return. Now they're learning their worst fears have come true.

Hoffman graduated from FSU last year where she studied psychology and criminology. The 23 year old was born December 17, 1984 and is from Clearwater Beach, Florida.

She lived at Polos on Park Apartments in Tallahassee. Her family has asked for friends to gather there today. Rachel listed her religion as Jewish on the website. Some of her interests listed on her Facebook page: animals, art, beaches and good friends.

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