Airmen Train on Suwannee River

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A unique Air Force training mission is now underway along the Suwannee River as two airmen try to survive a two week trip to the Gulf of Mexico. The airmen From Moody Air Force Base will test their survival skills while rescue helicopters will be challenged to find the men several times in the next few weeks.

The airmen say this first time training mission down the Suwannee should teach everyone a lot of lessons.

"Not only training for Allison and myself, but training for the air crews; it’s a whole different environment," said SSgt Brad Elliot. "Basically, different scenery, trying to find two guys in a raft on a river, looking for them repeatedly over 14 days."

During the two week trip down the Suwannee, the airmen will survive on food they catch in the wild, anything from fish to bugs. Airmen say their biggest threat will come from alligators and snakes.