Dead Fish Plague Beaches

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Dead fish are washing ashore while vacationers are strolling by. This is the scene along Florida’s white sand beaches.

Larry Miller tallies the deceased. It was just days ago when he noticed something strange at his favorite fishing hole.

"Last Thursday, we noticed a lot of sharks swimming under the docks in one direction."

A few days later, the stingrays followed suit.

"Thousands of them, whole families of all-sized stingrays."

Red tide had taken its course, creating an ugly display on popular beaches, so much so that some vacationers are turning away.

"Too many dead fish. There's big ones, there's small ones, there's everything."

For Jackie and her friend Anna, spending their fall break with dead fish wasn't part of the plan.

"It's really sad. Carrabelle is pretty but you see dead fish; it's kind of a turn-off!"

A turnoff that locals hope will die off soon.

Biologists say red tide entered the Panhandle region after the recent hurricanes. They say it is very unusual for it to happen this late in the year.

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