Man Arrested on Child Porn Charges

A Tallahassee man accused of molesting a child earlier this year is arrested again after Leon County deputies find hundreds of pornographic pictures on his computer.

34 year old Donald Warren is charged with 54 counts of possessing sexually explicit pictures of children. Detectives say he had many more photos but those were the most disturbing.

Arrest papers show Warren was jailed in July, accused of molesting a young boy. Now he's in trouble again facing dozens of felonies for child porn.

Sgt. Curtis Parker, Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "We have no clue as the identities of these kids, obviously they are sexually suggestive pictures of young children, mostly girls, some little boys, predominately under the age of 12."

Warren has posted bond - and has been released from jail a second time - wearing a GPS monitor.

Investigators say Warren lived with a family with children who had access to the computer and the pictures on it.