Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Biloxi Shares Thoughts From Thomasville

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After months of preparation, Michael Davis says he was looking forward to finally opening the doors to the Hard Rock Cafe Biloxi.

"We were going to open up on September 1, Thursday morning around 8, and on the 29th, we had a visitor." A visitor named Katrina.

Its signature guitar is still standing, but much of the Hard Rock is in shambles.

"The first three floors are destroyed, the surge, the water surge 30 feet. I hear 36 feet. The pictures and the news media and everything that's covered, just doesn't paint the picture."

During his stay in Thomasville, Davis has had to make a few trips to Biloxi to check on the family's destroyed home and his damaged business, but on his most recent trip, he got the phone call any father or husband dreads.

"I get the word my wife was hit by a car on Monroe Street and Dawson and it flipped over; the Suburban with the children and my wife and the car was upside down and some of the children were trapped inside; well I jumped in the car and headed back for Thomasville."

Fortunately, Davis' family escaped the accident with only minor injuries. He's lost a lot: his car, his home, his workplace. But Michael Davis' family is safe. And for that, he says, he feels like the luckiest guy in the world.

Davis says Hard Rock plans to rebuild in Biloxi, and he believes it could be completed in less than a year.