Man Once Shot by Police is Now Tased

Robert Baker, who was shot by Tallahassee Police outside a doctor's office three years ago, was involved in another altercation with officers. They tased him three times.

He was just released from jail last month. Wednesday, he was arrested again at the local probation and parole office. A spokesman says three officers were there on other business when someone ran toward them, saying baker had struck a woman and "gone crazy."

"It took three officers to open up the door and once they confronted him inside the office, he began being very physical with the officers, started hitting them, striking them, kicking them and everything else. One of our officers did deploy a taser and shot Mr. Baker with a taser and ultimately tased him three times."

Baker is facing a new round of charges for the altercation, including battery on a law enforcement officer. He's also charged with violating his probation. His attorney blames the incident on what he calls Baker's serious mental health problems.