West Nile Transplant Problems

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The family of Vivian Fernandez is hanging on to hope as she clings to life at NYU Medical Center.

Now this federal report IDs Fernandez as one of three people infected with West Nile virus after receiving organs from a New York man who died in august. His liver went to Fernandez. She's now in a coma.

So is a Pittsburgh patient who received a lung. One New Yorker who got a kidney has West Nile but is okay. Another kidney recipient is West Nile negative.

NYU Medical Center would not go on camera but issued this statement:

"To prevent this type of tragedy from occurring in the future, we strongly urge that a universal test for all donors to detect the presence of West Nile be fast-tracked."

Some Canadian hospitals routinely test donated organs for West Nile, but American hospitals do not.