How a Heel Should Feel

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We all know the phrase, "If the shoe fits, wear it." Unfortunately, many women don't follow that advice when shopping for heels. Shoe store owners say some customers can be very reluctant to go "up" a size.

However, Kathy Murphy says having children, gaining weight, and getting older can affect the shape of your foot. But she admits, some women are set in their ways.

Murphy says, "In thinking, 'I wear an 8, and I’m going to wear an 8, I’m not going to wear an 8 and half or nine,' but who really knows that you've got on an 8 and a half or nine."

Studies show wearing shoes that don't fit properly can cause physical problems. And here's a relief for some. Kathy says the latest fashions are showing even low-heeled shoes are appropriate for dressy outfits.