Floridians Reaching Out to Hurricane Victims

Thousands of disaster workers and National Guard soldiers from Florida fanned out to help with the recovery in Mississippi.

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings says they were glad to lend a hand.

“Without Florida there and without Florida being as prepared as it is every single day and without the leadership of this team right here, we would not have been able to do that. And we’re here for Floridians and we are here for our neighbors if they need our help. And that’s the bottom line,” says Jennings.

“We had a very simple mission: secure the area, search for the living and stabilize the area until the rest of the reinforcements could get there. And that’s our drill when we go into our own communities that are devastated and that’s where we think we made the big difference there in southern Mississippi,” adds Florida Emergency Management Director Craig Fugate.

Katrina was the first chance state officials had to test their new mobile communications system, and they say it worked like a charm.

That will come in handy if there are any more storms this year.

There are still 56 days left in the 2005 hurricane season.