Godby Remembers Classmate, Teammate

Sixteen-year-old Johnny Smith complained of trouble breathing and died in the hospital Wednesday.

His JV football coach and several of his friends spent Thursday collecting items of Johnny’s from his helmet to his wristband which they plan to send to his family in Chicago.

Students also wore pictures of Johnny around school.

We talked to Johnny’s best friend who played Johnny’s position of running back in Wednesday night's game, even running his friends favorite play 21 ISO.

"It felt pretty good to run my best friends favorite play cuz he was like a brother to me. I kinda felt his pain when he got hit I got hit. I felt what he felt when he ran the ball. Kinda felt just like him,” says Johnny’s best friend David Bradley.

And Godby did win that game.

Coach Chuck Kilbourn plans to head up to Chicago for the funeral which should take place late next week.

Johnny's sister told coaches Thursday that he went into cardiac arrest during treatment for pneumonia.

All of his teammates say their entire season will be dedicated to Johnny.