Innovation Church Holds Fundraiser

A fire at a local school left 400 students without a place to study.

Saturday a fundraiser was held to help with rebuilding efforts. A Labor Day blaze left the Innovation Baptist Church and School in a pile of rubble.

Unlike the walls, the congregation still stands, in member's eyes, stronger then ever.

Principal Young comments, "We can't change the fact that the fire happened and the fire might be gone, but all we can do is move forward and realize the best is yet to come."

Church officials are aiming for January in hopes of having all the students back in one location. To help raise funds for rebuilding, the church held a carnival.

Organizers say they are proud to see the community pulling together to get through such a difficult time.

Joya Phillips, part of the parent/teacher organization, says, "To find the good out of the bad we would not have know how much we can work together as a unit."

Flames engulfed the church in a matter of hours leaving the congregation with months of rebuilding on their hands. Though this is all that is left, members say there is more to a church then just the building.

Principal Otis Young adds, "It's really a body of people, agroup of people coming together for a common cause. It's greater then a building it's greater then bricks and mortar."

Members of the Innovation Church and School stand by their rebuilding slogan, "The best is yet to come."

Principal Young says investigators have narrowed down the origin of the fire, but the cause is still under investigation.