Voter Registration Deadline Nears

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The clock is ticking. There’s just over a week to register for the upcoming election and the Leon County supervisor of elections, Ion Sancho, says the time to register is now.

"Making sure one's registered and making sure your address is current are really the critical things at this moment," says Sancho.

The ballot only has one item on it, the controversial coal plant project. Sancho says voting on the referendum will be simple and straightforward.

"The ballot is mailed to the privacy of your own home, then the voter simply chooses yes or no and they put it back in the envelope and postage is already paid," he says.

According to Sancho, voter turnout is actually higher with mail-in ballots. All you have to do is darken in the bubble and put it in your mailbox.

Nichole Subia, a registered voter in Leon County, said she wasn't planning on voting until she found out it was a mail ballot election.

"It's definitely gonna make me want to vote more than I would have previously because I don't actually have to go in to fill out a ballot."

The deadline to register to vote is October 19.

Many banks, offices and libraries around town offer booths where you can fill out a registration form. To find the location nearest you, call the Supervisor of Elections Office at 606-VOTE.