Valdosta Fixes Flood Prone Neighborhood

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For years, residents in the Chadwick subdivision in Valdosta have dealt with floodwaters, whether after a massive hurricane or a simple summer storm.

"A lot of times, whenever it rains heavy, people can't get in our out of their neighborhood, the streets flood," said Susan Lane, a Chadwick Place resident. "It’s very difficult to leave and it’s rough on the yards; you can't plant anything because they are getting too much water or not enough water."

Now, a massive project is underway by the city government to fix the problem.

"The water being intercepted, being held up and diverted into a location where it can be handled will basically keep the water out of this neighborhood and they will notice a drastic improvement," said Von Shipman, a Valdosta city engineer.

City engineers say their plan will work, helping keep Chadwick dry as well as improve water flow for the entire Azalea City.

"Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have a completed project and we'll see drastic benefits," Shipman said.

Now that the work is underway, the only battle left is between the city and the subdivision developer over who should pay the half-million-dollar tab for the project.

The new drainage system is being designed to handle the worst flood possible within a 100-year period.