Woman Speaks on Seeing Hoffman Murder Suspects

Eyewitness News has more information on how the two men accused of killing a Tallahassee Police informant skipped town after the
23-year-old's murder. The men were captured in Orlando the night after Rachel Hoffman went missing.
Court documents list Perry resident Laura Campbell as Andrea Green's aunt.
"No, I'm not related to Andrea at all." Said Campbell.
25-year-old Green and 23-year-old Deneilo Bradshaw are accused of killing 23-year-old Rachel Hoffman, who was working as a Tallahassee Police informant.
A close friend of Green, Bennie Mae Maxwell, said, "He's a sweet person. He just got caught up with the wrong crowd but he's a good child."
Campbell says what is correct on the affidavit is that she did see Green and Bradshaw the day Hoffman went missing from Tallahassee.
Campbell says she was on her porch when the two men drove up in front of her yard and Green got out of the car.
Campbell said, "He asked Kelvette, my cousin, could he hold his phone? He went up there way down the road and used that phone. I reckon he didn't want anybody to hear what he was talking about. One of the little girls, my cousin, Mika, said it's my birthday."
As a birthday gift, Campbell says Bradshaw gave Tamika Welch a $50 bill.
Green's close friend, Kelvette Baker, who didn't want to speak on camera, says Green gave him some money, too.
The affidavit says it was
$750--all of which was marked money that police gave Hoffman for the drug operation.
Campbell says her 17-year-old grandson and another man drove Green and Bradshaw to Orlando.
"They took him back to Orlando and he showed them where they put Andrea and them off." Said Campbell.
Bradshaw and Green were brought back from Orlando and led authorities to Hoffman's body in Taylor County woods May 9th.
According to court documents on the 7th, Hoffman followed Green and Bradshaw to Gardner Road instead of the assigned location on Meridian Road.
Her listening device had quit working.
Hoffman's parents are pushing for better protection for police informants in the future. They are asking Florida legislators to pass what would be called the Rachel Law.

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