FAMU Homecoming

If you noticed more traffic on the roadways, you're not the only one. It was FAMU's homecoming weekend, and Rattlers from all over made their way to Tallahassee.

It was a long day beginning with the parade, and then the football game that started at 3. Everyone was having a great time and they say they enjoy coming home to FAMU.

It's a weekend most Rattlers look forward to throughout the year. FAMU’s homecoming brings thousands of fans to the capital city.

A main attraction is the homecoming parade, and another crowd pleaser that keeps the fans coming back is the football game.

Mary Willis, a FAMU graduate, says, "It's always exhilarating to see that enthusiasm and love for FAMU, just goes on and on year after year after year."

FAMU homecoming is more then just a football game. It's a week-long celebration based on family tradition.

Charity Willis, a FAMU student, said, "It's in my blood. I get it from my mother. She's an alumni of FAMU, so I'm going to continue and follow in her footsteps and I will be back every year."

As Tallahassee swells to maximum capacity, local businesses couldn't be happier. They say homecoming week is a huge boost to Tallahassee's economy.

Ernest J. Lane, a local vendor, says, "This is probably the largest weekend next to graduation, spring graduation here in Tallahassee, Florida. FAMU homecoming, it just attracts so many alumni, friends, and well wishers from all around the country. It's huge!"

Warren Garrison, a FAMU graduate, said, "Every year, no matter what town I'm in, I will want to come back."

There was also a concert at the Civic Center as part of homecoming celebrations.