FAMU Homecomig Ends

FAMU homecoming has come to an end. Rattlers from out of town hit the road and students prepare to go back to the classroom.

As the weekend slips away the cleanup begins. Tents come down and cars get packed up. FAMU homecoming weekend may be over, but it's not forgotten.

Randy Austin, attended homecoming events this year and said, "We've been coming for a great many years. Actually, I was a kid when my sister was in school here, I came."

For some, this was their first FAMU homecoming; for others it’s a time honored tradition. One thing many Rattlers can agree on is no one likes when the fun stops and the cleanup begins.

Elvin Proctor, who attended homecoming events, said, "Packing up, cleaning up, packing up and cleaning up definitely and then going back to work, that kind of thing."

Fans may not be happy about packing up and heading home, but police say overall this homecoming weekend has been much quieter than some of the past.

LT Ken Bergstrom with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "It causes traffic tie-ups at different parts of the day, but outside of that it's been a fairly calm weekend as far as criminal activity is concerned."

It may have been a relatively quiet weekend for police in our area, but Rattlers could be heard having a great time all over town.

The Tallahassee Police Department says it's common to see more criminal activity with any large event bringing an abundance of people into the city.