Walkers Raise Money and Awareness for Breast Cancer Research

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With a quick scissor snip of the symbolic pink ribbon, folks were walking for a cause.

They say they walk for themselves, they walk for loved ones and they walk for all those who are or will be affected by breast cancer.

Florida Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings said, "Everyone's touched one way or another. If you know someone, if you don't have someone in your family yet, you will, and today is all about awareness, raising money for research and fighting the fight so that we will have more survivors every single day."

Jennings served as a co-chair of this year's walk along with breast cancer survivor Cari Roth.

"Today's really exhilaration, really. It really is. It's total exhilaration to kind of see it all come together and people you didn't know about are coming out lending their support for the cause," said Roth.

Many of the folks lending their support for the cause have stories of both survival and loss.

Survivor Kaye Stephens said, "I would think that any money raised for cures or that's going to help in finding a cure for this certainly would help me."

"Those of you who aren't able to make it out this year, I encourage you to come out next year. This is an annual event. I think that it's a great cause," said Tom Hutchinson, who lost his mother to cancer.

More than 1,000 walkers were in Southwood Park on Sunday, but thousands more were represented and remembered.

Our very own Melissa Maikos was at the walk Sunday afternoon. She's one the event's spokespersons and a walker.