Thomas County School's Professional Learning Center

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It has a new name, the Professional Learning Center, but the old Central Middle School building is still operating in full swing.

Dr. Jean Quigg, Assistant Superintendent, says, "We're very pleased to have all of our offices, our central office staff, on this side of town. We were able to move some of our offices, like our Title 1 office, from the Magnolia Chapelle campus, so we're a lot more centrally located now."

Classwork is a thing of the past at the old Central Middle School building, but this campus once filled with students is now home to school employees doing much of their behind the scenes work.

Dr. Kathy Keown, Title 1 Director, says, "We're running out of room in our administrative system, so it's really important for our office space to have here. It's great to have the training space. We don't have that anywhere else."

The county school system says the building is also home to a print shop, student services, technology, and the alternative school program.

It may have a new purpose, but this building school officials say is not vacant. If anything, it's busier than ever.

Thomas County school officials say that about a third of the building is now being renovated to give more space for the school system.