TalTran Bus Hits Pedestrian

Police say a TalTran bus struck a woman early Monday morning as she was crossing a downtown street. She's now in critical condition at Tallahassee Memorial.

It happened just before 7 a.m. Monday morning at the intersection of Madison and Duval.

Investigators say the bus was making a left turn from Madison when it struck the woman. They still don't know exactly who is at fault, but TalTran employees are shaken up.

Ronald Garrison, TalTran Executive Director, says, "Our prayers are with them; we're very concerned about the family, we hope and pray that the lady will be okay, and I know many of us will continue to pray until we know."

Garrison says the driver has been with TalTran for 17 years and has had no at-fault accidents. He tells us the last accident involving a TalTran bus and a pedestrian was in the early 80s. That person was killed.