Flu Shots

The Center for Disease Control hoped anyone considered "high risk" would have gotten a flu vaccine by now. Unfortunately, that goal could not be met locally.

Eleanor Stolba makes it a point to get her flu shot every October. She's come down with the bug before and doesn't want to get it again.

Eleanor says, "There's a lot of people who don't want to get the flu [shot] because they think they won't get it. One lady told me she drinks a lot of orange juice all the time and she won't get the flu."

She's not counting on the OJ, so she got her flu shot last week. So did another Eleanor.

Eleanor Varajao says, "For the last four or five years, I've been getting it every year."

But there are still many others like them in Leon County who are waiting their turn. Of the 5,000 doses the Leon County Health Department ordered, only 1,500 have come in so far.

Ann Waltz, R.N., says, "Because we have not received our full supply of vaccine, in terms of meeting the needs of our community, we feel we need to extend that deadline beyond the 24th."

Waltz says they will continue to target high risk people for now. This includes people over 65, or under 65 if you have a chronic illness, residents of long-term care facilities, pregnant women and health care workers who provide direct patient care.

And once those needs are met, Waltz says they'll be able to take appointments so everyone will have the chance to get vaccinated.