New Laser Screening

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Melanie Weschler doesn't have glaucoma, but she knows it can strike anyone at any time.

Melanie says, "It's something you probably don't know when it's happening."

Glaucoma, a leading cause of vision loss, is due to high pressure in the eye. Signs can include loss of peripheral vision, blurry vision or eye pain, but according to Dr. Marc Lurie, an optometrist with 30 years of experience, most people have no signs at all.

Dr. Lurie says, "Glaucoma is the silent thief of vision."

And unless you're tested, you don't get treated.

Traditionally to diagnose glaucoma, doctors have used a device called a tenometer, but now a new laser may be more accurate. In just a few minutes the laser checks the depth of the eye and calculates the pressure on the optic nerve. A computer compares the measurements to a database of 50,000 normal eyes and 20,000 with glaucoma.

Dr. Lurie says it's accurate and catches many cases that would have been missed by traditional testing.

Dr. Lurie says, "It allows me to have an extra tool to make sure that people don't have glaucoma."

Melanie's has vision trouble, but it's not due to glaucoma her test was normal.

Melanie says, "When you have the test done and you're in the normal range, it certainly makes you more relaxed about your eyesight."

Now she hopes others will take a good look at this sight saving laser.