Kinney Case Confirmed a Homicide

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A Franklin County family is struggling through a storm of its own.

There’s a firestorm of rumors surrounding a 19-year-old missing teenager, a girl. Family members say they want to lay to rest. Her name is Pamela Kinney. She went missing in mid-August. Three weeks later, human remains were found in the woods, but still no positive ID.

Seven weeks later, investigators label the Kinney case a homicide, something her mother says she knew all along.

Apalachicola is no longer a safe haven for Lacha Kinney. Childhood memories have been replaced by nightmares. Her only daughter has been missing for 10 weeks. Mother's intuition tells her Pamela was murdered.

Lacha Kinney says, "They took her out into woods, tried to cover it up!"

Remains were found on Labor Day, but haven't been identified. Franklin County sheriff investigators say belongings at the scene point to Pamela Kinney.

While the family waits for closure, investigators are hard at work, relying on every detail to solve this case.

Phil Kiracofe, FDLE spokesman, says, "DNA takes time. We had hoped dental records would work, but no x-rays could conclusively point to Kinney."

The next step is bone cutting, comparing Pam's DNA to her parents'.

Meanwhile, another crime scene is being processed, persons of interest are being interviewed, and patience is growing thin.

Georgia Lockley, grandma, says, "I don't care what happened, someone could have called me, said where she was, anything."

But no one is saying a word, a stark contrast to a usually close-knit town.

"People know, they’re just not talking!"

Not talking to authorities, that is.

Pamela's family is moving forward with a memorial service this Saturday at the St. Patrick Catholic Church at 10 a.m.