Farmers Expect Crop Losses

It will take a few days to add up all the damages, but State Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson says the groves had already taken a beating from hurricanes, pests and plant diseases.

Charles Bronson says, “Between citrus canker, now citrus greening, four major storms, some of these areas got hit three times in those four storm events. And now, even though they didn’t get hit badly by Katrina, some of the damage that was already done was still evident, and now these winds and rains are gonna hit.”

Bronson says Wilma was also a threat to the winter vegetable crops in south Florida and they may have to replant if the damage is severe, which could result in higher prices for peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, to name just a few.

Bronson says it may be a week to 10 days before they know the true extent of the damage.