Gas Prices Decline, Diesel Is Stagnant

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Prices at the pump are slowly going down, and just in time for the holidays, but not everyone is merry about the savings, especially those who use diesel, a popular fuel that's price remains unchanged.

Prices at the pump are getting mixed reviews.

"It's pretty good, they went down extremely."

"They've gone down, but still ridiculous."

It's good; I hope it goes down below two!"

For motorists using unleaded gas, seeing a two rather than a three in front of the decimal makes a huge difference, but others won't be fooled.

Jim Smith, President of Florida Petroleum, says, “It's the night of the living dead. We're all zombies now.”

Even experts agree fuel costs have been outrageous this fall, and those affected most still wait for relief. Big rigs in need of diesel fuel are shelling out big bucks.

A fleet out of Texas costs over $4,000 to fill up, a pretty expensive trip for hurricane relief. We're headed to south Florida to repair power lines, but in order to get there they have to fuel up 65 trucks in all, a familiar drill for emergency response teams.

It's the primary fuel for recovery. It's a case of supply and demand, and demand for heavy lifters remains high, especially this hurricane season.

Smith says the price of unleaded fuel will likely trickle down even further, but he can't say the same for diesel.