Tallahassee Murder Trial Begins

Testimony is underway in a Tallahassee murder trial as a man stands accused of sexually assaulting and killing his ex-girlfriend, yet Allan Rush's lawyer came out swinging, telling jurors Sarah Fields killed herself with an overdose of drugs.

Summer Fields testified her sister Sarah called her the night she died, crying and intoxicated, asking for a ride home from ex-boyfriend Allan Rush's house.

Summer Fields said, "She said, ‘he punched me in my lip, will you please come get me?’ And I said no."

Her sister couldn't come, and a 911 call prosecutors say Sarah made on her cell phone that night could not be traced back to Rush's house on Arden Road.

Prosecutors contend Rush so forcefully violated and sodomized Sarah that night with his fist and other objects that she bled to death.

Jack Campbell, prosecutor, said, "The evidence is going to show that the nature of these injuries and the extent of the damage were so terrible that it was something no human could consent to."

Yet Allan Rush's lawyers plan to call another medical examiner to the stand who will testify Sarah didn't die of internal injuries, but rather of a drug overdose, which defense attorneys claim was not her first.

Greg Cummings, Rush's attorney, said, "When you sort through this matter, you will see that this young woman took her own life."

A five woman, two man jury must decide if Sarah fields was sexually assaulted and murdered by a man still bitter over their recent break-up, or if it was, as he claims, "a horrible accident." Testimony will continue Wednesday.