Public Sounds Off About Fallschase

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The public gets its first chance to sound off on Fallschase and a new proposal for the development.

The first public hearing had a packed house as developers, city workers and residents voiced their opinions about the project that would sit at the corner of Mahan Drive and Buck Lake Road.

Last week, developers said they would hand over the $11 million lake bed to the county, and add new roads to ease traffic congestion.

"We are doing things to enable the county to make sure the environment is kept clean and we want our people out there to be happy. We can't sell any lots if we're not selling good lots, says Fallschase negotiator Rick Bateman.

But not everyone is convinced it's a good deal.

"We think we'll be sitting in a parking lot on Buck Lake Road for 20, 30, 40 minutes a day because we're talking about box units, potentially Super Wal-Mart and a couple other huge box units that would be nearly the size of Governor's Square Mall," says Buck Lake Alliance President John Dew.

The second public hearing is scheduled for next month. That's when commissioners will decide whether or not they will accept the proposal.