FSU President in Talks With Tallahassee City Leaders

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FSU President T.K. Wetherell calls on city leaders to help the university.

He's doing that by speaking with each city commissioner one at a time. For months, Wetherell has said the university has been left out to dry on various issues, and says with all FSU does for the city, it's time for city leaders to help out.

During Wetherell's recent state of the university address in September and later during a board of trustee's meeting, he makes reference to a somewhat rocky relationship between the university and the city.

"If we were not in Leon County, if we were not in the City of Tallahassee, this community would look significantly different," says Wetherell, who adds each FSU home football game brings in $6 to $8 million in revenue.

City officials tell us Wetherell has already met with Commissioner Debbie Lightsey. Conversations with other city leaders are in the works. Issues discussed include utilities and Tal-Tran bus service.

"We are prepared to issue a report on that. It will be issued by our new transportation director Ron Garrison on November 9. It's something I think the community will like," adds Marks, who says he will do what he can to help out all of the colleges and universities in the area.