Tallahassee City Commission Meeting Highlights

Tallahassee city commissioners have signed off on their side of the deal that would bring a Canadian company to Tallahassee. Now it goes to Turbocor, Incorporated for final approval.

Turbocor manufactures air conditioner compressors using magnetic technology, making the mag lab a good future neighbor! If the company agrees, it would relocate its headquarters to Innovation Park.

The company could bring 150 new jobs within the next five years, jobs with an average salary of $45,000.

Also Wednesday night, city commissioners also approved an ordinance handing over the authority to law enforcement to take action when it comes to crowd control at local bars and clubs.

City officials say overcrowding hasn't been a significant problem, but this would serve more as a prevention method should a problem arise.

A state provision years ago had taken away that authority for law enforcement, so this city ordinance would restore that. Essentially, it's a way of protecting patrons in the event of a fire...