FSU Homecoming Holds Meaning for Alumni

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Susan Persis and Lowell Lohman are Florida State alumni who make it a priority to come back to Florida State at homecoming.

They grab their family and friends, travel up from Daytona in style and visit their favorite places on campus.

For Persis, homecoming is also a time for her to remember her late sister and brother-in-law who were also FSU graduates and have scholarships named in their honor.

"Every year we get to come up and we get to meet the recipients of those scholarships, and so it's very exciting to know we're helping future FSU graduates get an education," Persis says.

And for Lohman, Florida State and homecoming is a family affair.

"I graduated from here, my brother graduated from here, and our son graduated from here, so we have you know the three of us that are all Seminoles and we just absolutely love the Seminoles and love coming up here with our friends every year," Lohman explains.

Florida State's homecoming brings alumni back to the university for a variety of reasons. From meeting recipients of a special scholarship or reliving memories with family and friends, it's all a part of a weekend of traditions like bubbles in the Wescott fountain.

Most of Florida State's homecoming events took place before the game, and the Black Alumni Association reunion was at the Alumni Center.